What Is A Patent For?

The word “patent” is practically synonymous with “invention.” When you think of the word “invention” the next word that comes to mind is “patent.” So what is a “utility patent?”

A utility patent protects the intrinsic working mechanism of a new invention. A design patent, on the other hand, protects the design or aesthetic aspects of an invention. Sometimes a utility and a design patent are needed. For example suppose you have invented a more efficient cooling system for an air conditioner. The mechanical components that provide more efficient cooling would be protected with a utility patent. Now suppose that you also invented a stylish console design for your new air conditioner. The novel aspects of your new design would be protected with a design patent.

It is best to get the opinion of a registered patent attorney regarding whether your invention is unique enough to qualify for patent protection. A patent attorney can also help you decide what type of patent protection should be obtained. How to Provisional Patent an idea may also be worth considering. Provisional patents are part of the armamentarium of legal instruments that help to protect new ideas.

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